Friday, January 16, 2009


Can anyone tell me what kind of tree I planted? The top tree was planted almost 4 years ago when Mikie was a baby. The bottom tree is 1.5 years old. The first tree would shoot up little trees from it's roots and we transplanted them. (That is how the second tree got started.) These trees loose all their leaves & branches at the first frost. (It's the strangest thing I have ever seen.) (See pictures below on how the branches are on the ground on the right picture and there is just a bare stick left for the tree in the left picture.) I bought the first tree over in Hawaii while visiting Tracy & Michael. It came in a plastic bag and was about 12 inches long and the diameter of your thumb...just a plain stick. It sat in my basement for a couple of years before I planted it so I didn't even think it would grow. I was really surprised at how much it grows in one year (around 6 ft). I figured it was some sort of tropical tree and would die out during our cold Iowa winter; so I was pleasantly surprised again that it lived. I was extremely surprised that it reproduces itself.

If no one can help me on this subject I might be able to answer my own question since the Jones' have purchased a ticket for me to go to Hawaii with them in April and be Nanny Boagie. I am so excited for this job!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009


One of our local banks in Sigourney (Midwest One Bank) gave out free recycling bags before Christmas. They said to use the bag in our local stores and if one of their spotters (employees) saw you, you could win $25, $50, or $100 till the end of February. For anyone that knows me; I am trying to conserve, reuse, recycle, reduce, anything I can to help our environment.
I am very happy to carry around this green (my favorite color) cloth bag. I had purchashed some bright green bags (cause of the color) at a competitive grocery store out of town. I try to buy everything locally but there are some items Sigourney doesn't carry. I always felt embarrased to carry these competitor bags into the grocery store; but I would remind myself...I am helping the environment and then I would not feel so guilty.
Wednesday,I was in the drug store with my bag and Jeff (Midwest One employee) came up to me and started talking...thanking me for using their bag and handed me a certificate. I went next door to the bank and cashed it in. I won the BIG ONE...$100.
I am taking my money to Virginia and spending it there while visiting Mikie for his fourth birthday.