Monday, October 20, 2008

Usborne Books

I need help?!?!? I am invited to an Usborne Book Party this weekend. I plan to go and need any advise on what to purchase. I have never heard of this company, but I am all for books for my grandsons. I just need to know if some are better than others and this is where your knowledge will help this old granny out. I would contact Tracy, but everyone knows she is on another of her family outings. Thanks for any info you can provide me.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Harvest is here.

This is our combine with the bean head on.

Harvest time is here in Sigourney,Iowa. The farmers are bringing in soybeans and a little corn. The corn is still very wet. It needs to be 13% moisture to store or 15% to sell; otherwise you get a dock in price or pay the high price of lp to dry the corn. The corn is testing 28-30% now. It needs alot more good drying days yet. Since we had such a wet spring, the crops were late getting planted and they are now late getting out. Last year at this time, Mike was half finished. He just got started last week. The little corn he has done has been twisted in the field and is laying flat, so this creates the combine to work slower than normal. He is hoping that not all his fields will be this way. (I am also hoping this because he gets very irritable at this act of mother nature)

I have been working between both elevators and traveling back and forth to the field. When Mike travels from field to field this means many trips. He has to take the combine, semi (to haul the grain), tractor and auger wagon (sometimes he takes two tractors and wagons) and his pickup/service truck for repairs and traveling to town or home. (let's see that's 5 or 6 trips to ONE field.) It is nice to look at the beautiful countryside and the weather here has been great lately. Just to let you know how many different fields he farms ...there is 9 different ones. (unless I forgot one or two, ha,ha)