Friday, January 15, 2010

Green Christmas

Even thought there was at least 10 inches of white snow on the ground at Christmas, I also had a GREEN Christmas. Everyone that knows me, knows I love the color green. Tracy & the boys gave me a BEAUTIFUL green purse that has 3 clear window slots for my adorable grandchildren pictures. Tracy even went the extra mile and added more pictures for the different seasons so I wouldn't have to. (I think she knew I probably wouldn't get it done right. Remember we have to coordinate our pictures. I am one of those eclectic people (anything goes). I have had several compliments on it. (Thanks Tracy)

My mother gave me a new moss green winter coat, green gloves, green sweatshirt and some green washclothes.

My father gave me a green $100 bill.

And my other daughter, Trisha gave me some fold down tomatoe cages. This is where my green thumb comes into play.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas whether it was white, green or brown.