Monday, October 20, 2008

Usborne Books

I need help?!?!? I am invited to an Usborne Book Party this weekend. I plan to go and need any advise on what to purchase. I have never heard of this company, but I am all for books for my grandsons. I just need to know if some are better than others and this is where your knowledge will help this old granny out. I would contact Tracy, but everyone knows she is on another of her family outings. Thanks for any info you can provide me.


Kelli said...

Sorry, I wouldn't be of any help. If I were going to one of those parties, I would call the same person you want to--Tracy. :-)

Kelli said...

It's funny because the day after I left my comment, I was reading books to the kids and they brought one to me about trains. I just happened to notice that it is an Usborne Book. I remember now that I bought it at a Children's Expo. It's a very cute book. Hope you had a good time!