Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer is here.

I haven't posted for awhile ... can't say I'm busy after reading everyone else's blogs ; my life seems pretty boring and slow. I will admit that my noon hour goes by pretty fast while I'm on the internet trying to catch up.

We keep getting rain almost every other day. This is good for some things but for others it's a hinderence. Mike should have mowed hay over a month ago but the weather is not cooperating. He needs a window of good weather to do this. After the hay is mowed, it should lay on the ground to dry for a couple of days and then needs to be racked in windrows and finally bailed. Hay is better quality if this can be done without being rained on. Since it keeps raining/pouring every other day this has made him very irritable. Remember this is our livelyhood and we need the hay to feed the cattle & sell for the income. There has been several fields mowed for a couple of weeks and with all the rain, the hay has turned to mush and does not have the nutritional value it should. Another draw back about not having made hay yet is instead of three cuttings of hay we will probably just get two and that will make a shortage of big bales of green stuff. Another thing you may not know is that the hay has to be dryed cause if it gets baled to green it can catch on fire.

The corn and bean fields do look half way decent but there is not the rootstock on the corn and there is a big chance of strong winds laying it over or breaking it off. The fields are very weedy and need sprayed also but you can't take a sprayer in the fields with mud puddles/rivers everywhere.

My garden is in the same boat(very weedy) but I am still able to get the yummy vegetables picked to eat. We have had lettuce, spinach, new potatoes, onions, radish, kolarabi & strawberries. I made a spinach, strawberry, poppyseed dressing salad that was delicious.

I know I should blog about my trip to California but Tracy's blog puts mine to shame so I will probably let her have the honor.


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I am so envious of your vegetable garden!! We have 3 tomato plants and three little thyme plants, but that's it so far. New potatoes are my fave!!! :)

Tracy said...

I may never get around to blogging about our trip. Go ahead if you want to :) I'll try to work on mine this coming week. Sorry about all the rain. Dad says it feels like WA there but just a bit hotter :) Wish I was there to help you eat your veggies. My tomatoes have many on them but, they are all still green and I think bugs are eating my strawberries before I get them picked.

Tracy said...

I forgot to say that you should have a picture of your garden or at least write down the demensions of it. I've never known anyone with a garden as big as yours and I'm sure everyone would be in awe if they saw it!

Amber said...

Ooooohhhh!!! Yes! Pictures of your garden! I would love to see it.