Friday, July 24, 2009

Small Scaled Farm Progress Show

For anyone that has NEVER been to Iowa or a FARM should have been at our house this past weekend. We had a lot going on the same day.

1. Mike was COMBINING wheat. (Combine)
2. He hired a couple friends to MOW the wheat straw. (Tractor & Mower)
3. One of them RAKED the straw. (Tractor & Rake)
4. Mike ran the BIG ROUND BALER and bailed the straw. (Tractor & Baler)
5. We had a neighbor come over with his SMALL SQUARE BALER and hay racks and bale some. (Tractor & Square Baler) There was a couple of pickups pulling the hay racks.
6. Somone used the tractor and moved the big bales off the field. (Tractor & Bale Stinger)
7. And last Mike PLANTED seed beans (soybeans) where the wheat had been. (Tractor & Drill)

It was a very BUSY day at our farm. I served them cookies & lemonade. I didn't think to take any pictures because this farming business is an everyday occurance for us and has been for 35 years so I apoligize for not having any pictures.... BUT IF ANYONE WOULD LIKE TO COME AND STAY WITH US (OUR HOUSE IS ALWAYS OPEN) WE WOULD BE GLAD TO LET YOU ENJOY ALL OF THE FARMING EXPERIENCE AND TAKE YOUR PICTURE. (Just think you could mark off on the map that you have visited Iowa for the first time.)


Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

Do you hear the knocking at your front door? That's me and the girls. We'd like to stay and see the farm. ;) ;)

Tracy said...

Bet Dad can't wait for my boys to grow up so he can put them to work for free labor instead of paying friends to do it.

Carrie said...

Holy cow, that was a busy day!!! Sorry I haven't checked your blog in a while, I find this stuff so interesting!!
Post again and let everyone know what fall is like on the farm!